Combo Box

The Combo Box consists of a single-column list box that contains a collection of mutually exclusive items or Commands combined with a static or edit control and a drop-down arrow. The list box portion of the control is displayed when the user clicks the drop-down arrow.


The currently selected item or Command (if any) in the list box is displayed in the static or edit control. With an edit control, if the user types the initial characters of an existing item or Command, the list box will highlight the first item with those initial characters and autocomplete the entry in the edit control.

Supports a vertical gripper bar, or resizing handle, only.

This control is useful for exposing simple, closely related text items.

The following screen shot illustrates the Ribbon Combo Box in Live Movie Maker.

Screen shot of a ComboBox control in the Microsoft Paint Ribbon.

Combo Box Properties

The Ribbon framework defines a collection of property keys for the Combo Box control.

Typically, a Combo Box property is updated in the ribbon UI by invalidating the Command associated with the control through a call to the IUIFramework::InvalidateUICommand method. The invalidation event is handled, and the property updates defined, by the IUICommandHandler::UpdateProperty callback method.

The IUICommandHandler::UpdateProperty callback method is not executed, and the application queried for an updated property value, until the property is required by the framework. For example, when a tab is activated and a control revealed in the ribbon UI, or when a tooltip is displayed.

Note  In some cases, a property can be retrieved through the IUIFramework::GetUICommandProperty method and set with the IUIFramework::SetUICommandProperty method.

The following table lists the property keys that are associated with the Combo Box control.

Property KeyNotes
UI_PKEY_Categories Supports IUIFramework::GetUICommandProperty and IUIFramework::SetUICommandProperty.
UI_PKEY_Enabled Supports IUIFramework::GetUICommandProperty and IUIFramework::SetUICommandProperty.
UI_PKEY_ItemsSource Supports IUIFramework::GetUICommandProperty and IUIFramework::SetUICommandProperty.
UI_PKEY_Keytip Can only be updated through invalidation.
UI_PKEY_Label Can only be updated through invalidation.
UI_PKEY_LargeHighContrastImage Can only be updated through invalidation.
UI_PKEY_LargeImage Can only be updated through invalidation.
UI_PKEY_SelectedItem Supports IUIFramework::GetUICommandProperty and IUIFramework::SetUICommandProperty.
UI_PKEY_SmallHighContrastImage Can only be updated through invalidation.
UI_PKEY_SmallImage Can only be updated through invalidation.
UI_PKEY_StringValue Supports IUIFramework::GetUICommandProperty and IUIFramework::SetUICommandProperty.
Note  If the Command associated with the control is invalidated through a call to IUIFramework::InvalidateUICommand, the framework queries this property when UI_INVALIDATIONS_VALUE is passed as the value of flags.
UI_PKEY_TooltipDescription Can only be updated through invalidation.
UI_PKEY_TooltipTitle Can only be updated through invalidation.


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