Registering the Protocol Manager

You must create at least one registry value entry for your protocol manager so that the Remote Desktop Services service can instantiate it.

Registry Location

Create a registry key in the following location for each listener (IWRdsProtocolListener) that your protocol uses. In this example, the new listener keys are called MyListener1 and MyListener2.

            Terminal Server

For reference, you can view the value entries under the default RDP-Tcp listener key in this location.

Registry Value Entries

The listener key for the protocol must have a value entry called LoadableProtocol_Object

Data type
of type REG_SZ that contains the CLSID of the protocol manager for that listener. (The protocol manager is a COM server that implements the IWRdsProtocolManager interface.) The Remote Desktop Services service uses this CLSID to instantiate the protocol manager for this listener after it finds the listener in the registry.

If your protocol provider uses more than one listener, the Remote Desktop Services service only creates one instance of the protocol manager, and uses it to call CreateListener once for each listener.

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