WinRM Plug-in API Structures

The following table provides an overview of the structures in the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) plug-in application programming interface (API).

WSMAN_AUTHZ_QUOTA Defines quota information on a per-user basis.
WSMAN_CERTIFICATE_DETAILS Represents the fields within the client certificate.
WSMAN_COMMAND_ARG_SET Represents the set of arguments that are passed in to the command line.
WSMAN_FILTER Defines the filtering used for an operation.
WSMAN_FRAGMENT Defines the fragment information for an operation.
WSMAN_OPERATION_INFO Represents a specific resource end-point for which the plug-in must perform the request.
WSMAN_PLUGIN_REQUEST Contains information about the request and is passed into every plug-in operation.
WSMAN_SENDER_DETAILS Specifies client details for every inbound request.