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StopProc Tutorial


This section provides a tutorial for creating the Stop-Proc cmdlet, which is very similar to the Stop-Process cmdlet provided by Windows PowerShell. This tutorial provides fragments of code that illustrate how cmdlets are implemented, and an explanation of the code.

The topics in this tutorial are designed to be read sequentially, with each topic building on what was discussed in the previous topic.

Creating a Cmdlet that Modifies the System

This section describes how to create a cmdlet that supports system modifications, such as stopping a process running on the computer.

Adding User Messages to Your Cmdlet

This section describes how to add the ability to write user messages, debug messages, warning messages, and progress information to your cmdlet.

Adding Aliases, Wildcard Expansion, and Help to Cmdlet Parameters

This section describes how to create a cmdlet that supports parameter aliases, Help, and wildcard expansion.

Adding Parameter Sets to Cmdlets

This section describes how to add parameter sets to a cmdlet. Parameter sets allow the cmdlet to operate differently based on what parameters are specified by the user.