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How to Support Transactions


This example shows the basic code elements that add support for transactions to a cmdlet.


For more information about how Windows PowerShell handles transactions, see Windows PowerShell Transactions.

To support transactions

  1. When you declare the Cmdlet attribute, specify that the cmdlet supports transactions. When the cmdlet supports transactions, Windows PowerShell adds the UseTransaction parameter to the cmdlet when it is run.

    [Cmdlet(VerbsCommunications.Send, "GreetingTx", 
            SupportsTransactions=true )]
  2. Within one of the input processing methods, add an if block to determine if a transaction is available. If the if statement resolves to true, the actions within this statement can be performed within the context of the current transaction.

    if (TransactionAvailable())
      using (CurrentPSTransaction)
        WriteObject("Hello " + name + "  from within a transaction.");