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Creating an Error Callback Function

The following example is a simple error callback function. Register this callback by using the capSetCallbackOnError macro.

TCHAR gachBuffer[100]; // Global buffer.

// ErrorCallbackProc: error callback function. 
// hWnd:              capture window handle. 
// nErrID:            error code for the encountered error. 
// lpErrorText:       error text string for the encountered error. 
LRESULT PASCAL ErrorCallbackProc(HWND hWnd, int nErrID,
    LPTSTR lpErrorText) 
    if (!hWnd) 
        return FALSE; 
    if (nErrID == 0)            // Starting a new major function. 
        return TRUE;            // Clear out old errors. 
    // Show the error identifier and text. 
    _stprintf_s(gachBuffer, TEXT("Error# %d"), nErrID); 
    MessageBox(hWnd, lpErrorText, gachBuffer, 
    return (LRESULT) TRUE; 

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