Output Settings

The following global constants are used to identify output settings for the reader and synchronous reader object.

Global constant WMT_ATTR_DATATYPE Description of pValue
g_wszAllowInterlacedOutputWMT_TYPE_BOOLIf True, the reader will deliver interlaced frames, if supported by the output.
g_wszDedicatedDeliveryThreadWMT_TYPE_BOOL If True, this output will have a dedicated thread created for delivery of its samples. Not supported on the synchronous reader.
g_wszDeliverOnReceiveWMT_TYPE_BOOL If True, samples for this output will be delivered as soon as they are available from the reader. This can result in samples from this output being delivered out of order and before corresponding samples from other outputs.
g_wszDynamicRangeControlWMT_TYPE_DWORD Specifies the level of dynamic range control to use for the output. Set to a value from 0 to 2, where 0 indicates no dynamic range control (the default), and 2 is the maximum level of dynamic range control (the smallest dynamic range).
g_wszEarlyDataDeliveryWMT_TYPE_DWORD Time, in milliseconds, which specifies how much earlier to deliver the samples. If greater than zero, the samples from this output will be retrieved and decoded so that the samples are delivered earlier than the samples for other outputs. Normally the reader delivers samples in order of presentation time.
g_wszEnableDiscreteOutputWMT_TYPE_BOOL If True, the reader will enable high-definition, multichannel audio output. This setting is only valid for audio streams encoded with the Windows Media Audio 9 Professional codec. If this setting is set to true, you must also specify the speaker configuration of the client computer by setting g_wszSpeakerConfig.
g_wszEnableFrameInterpolationWMT_TYPE_BOOL If True, the codec will deliver the video stream at a higher frame rate, interpolating the frames algorithmically.
g_wszJustInTimeDecodeWMT_TYPE_BOOL If True, the data must be decoded as late as possible. Not supported in the synchronous reader.
g_wszNeedsPreviousSampleWMT_TYPE_BOOL If true, the sample requires the previous sample to be decompressed. This setting only applies to delta frames in compressed video and is read only.
g_wszScrambledAudioWMT_TYPE_BOOL If True, this output will use the scrambled audio error concealment scheme. This is a valid setting for audio outputs only.
g_wszSingleOutputBufferWMT_TYPE_BOOL If True, a single output buffer must be used (for example, a DirectDraw® video buffer). Not supported in the synchronous reader.
g_wszSoftwareScalingWMT_TYPE_BOOL If False, video is not scaled. (There must be no change to the resolution.)
g_wszSpeakerConfigWMT_TYPE_DWORD If multichannel audio decoding is enabled by setting g_wszEnableDiscreteOutput, this setting specifies the speaker configuration of the client computer. Set to one of the DirectSound speaker configuration constants.
g_wszStreamLanguageWMT_TYPE_WORD The index in the language list of the language to be delivered for this output. Used for outputs representing streams mutually exclusive by language.
g_wszVideoSampleDurationsWMT_TYPE_BOOL If True, the reader will deliver accurate sample durations.
g_wszEnableWMAProSPDIFOutputWMT_TYPE_BOOL If True, the reader will include the Sony/Phillips Digital Interface format (S/PDIF) in the enumerated output types.


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