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Adding an Information Chunk

If you need to include other information in your application in addition to audio and video, you can create information chunks and insert them into a capture file. Information chunks can contain several types of information, including the details of a copyright notice, identification of the video source, or external timing information. The following example stores external timing information a SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) timecode in an information chunk and adds the chunk to a capture file using the capFileSetInfoChunk macro.

//  This example assumes the application controls 
//  the video source for preroll and postroll. 
// . 
// . 
// . 
cic.fccInfoID = infotypeSMPTE_TIME;
cic.lpData = "00:20:30:12"; 
cic.cbData = strlen (cic.lpData) + 1;
capFileSetInfoChunk (hwndC, &cic); 

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