BDA Types

The following table lists the enumeration types defined for the Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) in DirectShow.

Enumeration Description
ApplicationTypeType Specifies the smart card application type.
BDA_Comp_Flags Defines flags for the IBDAComparable interface.
BDA_DrmPairingError Specifies the status of a DRM handshake between a tuner and the user's computer.
MPEG_CONTEXT_TYPE Identifies the source of an MPEG-2 data stream.
MPEG_CURRENT_NEXT_BIT Specifies the value of the current_next_indicator bit.
MPEG_REQUEST_TYPE Specifies a request for MPEG-2 data.
ScanModulationTypes Specifies the modulation type.
SmartCardAssociationType Specifies a smart card association.
SmartCardStatusType Specifies the status of a smart card.
TunerLockType Specifies how well a television tuner has locked onto a signal.
UICloseReasonType Specifies the reason that a user-interface dialog for a smart card was closed.


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