IWMPControls::fastForward method

The fastForward method starts fast play of the media item in the forward direction.


public void fastForward();


This method has no parameters.

Return value

This method does not return a value.


The fastForward method plays the clip at five times the normal speed. Calling fastForward is equivalent to specifying 5.0 for the rate by setting the IWMPSettings.rate property. If the rate is subsequently changed, or if IWMPControls.play or IWMPControls.stop is called, Windows Media Player will cease fast forwarding.

The fastForward method does not work for live broadcasts and certain media types. To determine whether you can fast forward in a clip, pass the System.String value "FastForward" to the IWMPControls.isAvailable property (the IWMPControls.get_isAvailable method in C#).


The following example uses fastForward to fast-forward the current media item in response to the Click event of a button. The AxWMPLib.AxWindowsMediaPlayer object is represented by the variable named player.

private void fastForwardButton_Click(object o, System.EventArgs args)
    // To get all of the available functionality of the player controls, cast the
    // value returned by player.Ctlcontrols to a WMPLib.IWMPControls3 interface. 
    WMPLib.IWMPControls3 controls = (WMPLib.IWMPControls3)player.Ctlcontrols;

    // Check first to be sure the operation is valid.
    if (controls.get_isAvailable("fastForward"))



Windows Media Player 9 Series or later




Interop.WMPLib.dll (Interop.WMPLib.dll.dll)

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