Updates to the DSP Plug-in Wizard for Windows Media Player 11

The Windows Media Player 11 SDK introduces the following changes to the DSP plug-in wizard:

  • Plug-ins register the threading model as "Both". This enables the plug-in to run in the Media Foundation pipeline on Windows Vista. See the projectname.rgs file.
    • Audio DSP plug-ins have support for the following two additional formats:

    See the projectname.cpp file.

    1. Video DSP plug-ins have support for the NV12 video format.
    2. Plug-ins make additional calls to IWMPMediaPluginRegistrar::WMPRegisterPlayerPlugin and IWMPMediaPluginRegistrar::WMPUnRegisterPlayerPlugin with a new plug-in type: WMP_PLUGINTYPE_DSP_OUTOFPROC. See the project's projectnamedll.cpp file.
    3. An additional project in each solution creates a proxy/stub DLL for the property page settings custom interface. See the projectnamePS project.
    4. Calls to deprecated methods have been changed to use the newest versions.
    5. The wizard can generate a dual-mode plug-in that functions both as a DMO, by implementing IMediaObject, and as an MFT, by implementing IMFTransform.

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