Skin Programming Reference

The Skin Programming Reference documents the following elements and their associated attributes, methods, and events.

The elements and attributes in this section require Windows Media Player 7.0 or later unless otherwise noted.

Element Description
Ambient Attributes Attributes that apply to all skin elements with exceptions noted.
Ambient Event Handlers Event handlers that can be implemented by most skin elements.
Ambient Event Attributes Attributes detailing the state of Windows Media Player when an event is fired.
AUTOMENU Provides a way to display the Quick Access Panel in a skin.
BUTTON A standalone button.
BUTTONELEMENT A button within a button group.
BUTTONGROUP A group of button elements.
COLUMN Represents a column within a playlist control.
CONTROLS Provides access to the Controls object from within a skin.
CUSTOMSLIDER A customizable slider control.
EDITBOX Provides a way for users to enter text within a skin.
EFFECTS An element that contains and controls a collection of effects.
EQUALIZERSETTINGS An element allowing manipulation of the graphic equalizer.
ITEM Represents an item in a list box or pop-up control.
LISTBOX Provides a way for users to select items from a list.
PLAYER Provides access to the Player object from within a skin.
PLAYLIST An element for controlling the appearance of a playlist within a skin.
POPUP Provides a way for users to select items from a list.
PROGRESSBAR Provides a way to display progress information in a horizontal or vertical control.
SETTINGS Provides access to the Settings object from within a skin.
SLIDER A slider control.
SUBVIEW Subsections within a view that can be moved or hidden.
TEXT A control containing text.
THEME The main element identifying a skin file.
VIDEO An element for specifying the appearance of a video window.
VIDEOSETTINGS An element allowing control of various video settings.
VIEW Specifies what the user interface (UI) looks like for each category of media.
Miscellaneous Specialized attributes and other miscellaneous topics for use in creating skins.


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