IWMPEvents3 Interface
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IWMPEvents3 interface

The IWMPEvents3 interface provides access to events originating from the Windows Media Player 11 control so that an application that has this control embedded in it can respond to these events. The events exposed by IWMPEvents3 are also exposed by the _WMPOCXEvents interface.

The events provided by IWMPEvents3 extend the set of events provided by IWMPEvents and IWMPEvents2 by adding events related to CD ripping, CD burning, folder monitoring, and remote library services.

In addition to the methods inherited from IWMPEvents2, the IWMPEvents3 interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
CdromBurnError Occurs when a generic error happens during a CD burning operation.
CdromBurnMediaError Occurs when an error happens while burning an individual media item to a CD.
CdromBurnStateChange Occurs when a CD burning operation changes state.
CdromRipMediaError Occurs when an error happens while ripping an individual track from a CD.
CdromRipStateChange Occurs when a CD ripping operation changes state.
FolderScanStateChange Occurs when a folder monitoring operation changes state.
LibraryConnect Occurs when a library becomes available.
LibraryDisconnect Occurs when a library is no longer available.
MediaCollectionMediaAdded Occurs when a media item is added to the local library.
MediaCollectionMediaRemoved Occurs when a media item is removed from the local library.
StringCollectionChange Occurs when a string collection changes.


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The IWMPEvents3 interface inherits from the IUnknown interface but does not have additional members.



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