Closed Captioning

The Windows Media Player 6.4 ActiveX control includes an integrated closed caption display panel that, when made visible, enables Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange (SAMI) closed captions and displays the closed caption text. The Windows Media Player 7 or later control enables SAMI closed caption display by using an HTML <DIV> element. For example:

<DIV  ID = "CCDiv"></DIV>

This technique provides you with complete flexibility, since you can design your webpage to display closed captions in a customized manner; the closed caption display is no longer required to be in a fixed location adjacent to the Windows Media Player user interface.

Once you have created an area to display closed captions, use the ClosedCaption.captioningID property to specify the location where Windows Media Player renders the closed caption text.

Player.closedCaption.captioningID = "CCDiv";

The Windows Media Player Software Development Kit (SDK) contains a working sample of an embedded Player that displays closed caption text. To get the SDK samples, download and install the complete Windows Media Player SDK from the Microsoft Web Site. For more information about closed captions and SAMI, see the Microsoft Accessibility website.

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