EngineAdapterDetach function

Called by the Windows Biometric Framework immediately before an engine adapter is removed from the processing pipeline of the biometric unit. The purpose of this function is to release adapter specific resources attached to the pipeline.


HRESULT WINAPI EngineAdapterDetach(
  _Inout_ PWINBIO_PIPELINE Pipeline


Pipeline [in, out]

Pointer to a WINBIO_PIPELINE structure associated with the biometric unit performing the operation.

Return value

If the function succeeds, it returns S_OK. If the function fails, it must return one of the following HRESULT values to indicate the error.

Return codeDescription

The Pipeline parameter cannot be NULL.


The EngineContext field of the WINBIO_PIPELINE structure cannot be NULL.



To prevent memory leaks, your implementation of the EngineAdapterDetach function must release the private WINBIO_ENGINE_CONTEXT structure pointed to by the EngineContext member of the pipeline along with any other resources attached to the engine context.

If the EngineContext field in the pipeline object is NULL when this function is called, the pipeline was not properly initialized and you must return WINBIO_E_INVALID_DEVICE_STATE to notify the Windows Biometric Framework of the problem.

Before returning S_OK, the EngineAdapterDetach function must set the EngineContext field of the WINBIO_PIPELINE structure to NULL and the EngineHandle field to INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE.

This function is called after the storage adapter has been removed from the pipeline. Therefore, this function must not call any functions referenced by the WINBIO_STORAGE_INTERFACE structure pointed to by the StorageInterface member of the pipeline object.


The following pseudocode shows one possible implementation of this function. The example does not compile. You must adapt it to suit your purpose.

// EngineAdapterDetach
// Purpose:
//      Releases adapter specific resources attached to the pipeline.
// Parameters:
//      Pipeline -  Pointer to a WINBIO_PIPELINE structure associated with 
//                  the biometric unit.
static HRESULT
    __inout PWINBIO_PIPELINE Pipeline

    // Verify that the Pipeline parameter is not NULL.
    if (!ARGUMENT_PRESENT(Pipeline))
        hr = E_POINTER;
        goto cleanup;

    // Retrieve the context from the pipeline and assign it to a local
    // variable.
    context = (PWINBIO_ENGINE_CONTEXT)Pipeline->EngineContext;
    if (context == NULL)
        goto cleanup;

    // Set the context on the pipeline to NULL.
    Pipeline->EngineContext = NULL;

    // If your adapter supports software-based template hashing and you
    // opened a Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) hash object handle
    // during initialization, implement the following custom function to 
    // release the CNG resources.

    // Implement one or more custom routines to release any structures 
    // that remain attached to the context block. These structures can 
    // include the most recent feature set, the current enrollment template, 
    // and other custom defined objects.
    if (context->FeatureSet != NULL)
        context->FeatureSet = NULL;
        context->FeatureSetSize = 0;

    if (context->Enrollment.Template != NULL)
        context->Enrollment.Template = NULL;
        context->Enrollment.TemplateSize = 0;
        context->Enrollment.SampleCount = 0;

    if (context->SomePointerField != NULL)
        context->SomePointerField = NULL;

    // Release the context block.


    return S_OK;


Minimum supported client

Windows 7 [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 R2 [desktop apps only]


Winbio_adapter.h (include Winbio_adapter.h)

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