WPD Automation Programming Guide

The WPD Automation object model exposes objects, methods, properties, and events that you can use to access the services and storages on a device through web applications that are written in JScript.

The following topics describe how to perform key tasks using the WPD Automation object model.

Best Practices for Writing WPD Automation Scripts Describes the best practices to determine which capabilities of your device are scriptable, handle WPD Automation errors in JScript, and test WPD Automation scripts locally.
Enumerating Services and Storages Describes how to access and enumerate the collections of all services and storages on a device.
Enumerating the Content of a Service or a Storage Describes how to access and enumerate the content of a service and of a storage.
Creating and Deleting Objects Describes how to create and delete WPD objects.
Assigning and Getting Object Properties Describes how to get and set device, service, storage, and object properties.
Reading and Writing Resource Data Describes how to read and write resource data synchronously and asynchronously.
Invoking a Service-Defined Method Describes how to invoke a service-defined method.
Handling Service-Defined Events Describes how to write an event handler for a service-defined event.


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