WpdApiSample Application
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WpdApiSample Application

The WpdApiSample sample application is a command-line desktop application that enables you to enumerate connected devices, explore devices, query objects for properties and attributes, send and retrieve objects, and so on. On startup, the application opens a command window that lists the tasks you can perform.

The WpdApiSample sample application includes the following files:

ContentEnumeration.cppContains functions that enumerate all the objects on a device.
ContentProperties.cppContains functions that read and write object properties and make bulk property set/get requests.
ContentTransfer.cppContains functions that transfer content to or from the device, read object type requirements, and create a folder on the device.
DeviceCapabilities.cppContains functions to list the functional object types on the device, list the content types supported by each functional object type, and display rendering object profiles.
DeviceEnumeration.cppLists the friendly names, manufacturers, and descriptions of all connected devices.
DeviceEvents.cppContains functions that log device events and their parameters whenever events are fired.
Stdafx.cppIncludes the standard files.
WpdApiSample.cppHosts the _tmain startup function, which calls the local DoMenu function, which displays a list of available devices and tasks and calls the function appropriate for the user's menu selection.


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