Dump Filter Sample


The Dump Filter is a renderer filter that writes the media samples it receives to a text file.

This sample illustrates how to use the base filter class CBaseFilter and the rendered input pin class CRenderedInputPin. It also demonstrates how to implement the IFileSinkFilter interface. The Dump filter has a single input pin, which writes every sample that it receives directly to a file.


This filter is a useful debugging tool. For example, you can verify, bit by bit, the results of a transform filter. You can build a graph manually by using GraphEdit, and connect the Dump filter to the output of a transform filter or any other output pin. You can also connect a tee filter and put the Dump filter on one leg of the tee filter and the typical output on another leg to monitor the results in a real-time scenario.

Downloading the Sample

To download the DirectShow SDK samples, install the latest version of the Windows SDK.

This sample is installed under the following path: [SDK Root]\Samples\Multimedia\DirectShow\Filters\Dump.

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