Requirements for Objects

WPD classifies all objects by content type. An object of a specific type is expected to support a minimum list of properties and resources (and, for the device object, a set of commands). An object's type is described by its WPD_OBJECT_CONTENT_TYPE property; every object must support this property.

WPD defines the following content types (as GUID values). A vendor is free to create their own custom-content type by providing their own GUID.

Note General purpose applications will typically only handle one of the predefined types. Vendor applications can, of course, take full advantage of the custom types they know about.

To learn which properties and resources each must support, see the description page for each of the following object types.

Content Type GUID Description
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_ALL This content type is only valid to use in certain query methods to indicate that you are interested in all device types; you cannot create an object of this type.

If you are designing a custom object, it must support these properties, at minimum.

WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_APPOINTMENT Object is an appointment in a calendar.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_AUDIO Object is an audio file, such as a WMA or MP3 file.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_AUDIO_ALBUM Object is an audio album.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_CALENDAR Object is a calendar.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_CERTIFICATE Object is a certificate used for authentication.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_CONTACT Object is personal contact data, such as a vCard file.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_CONTACT_GROUP Object represents a group of contacts. This object's WPD_OBJECT_REFERENCES property contains a list of object identifiers for various WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_CONTACT objects.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_DOCUMENT Object is a container for text, with or without formatting. Examples include Microsoft Word files and plain text files.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_EMAIL Object is an e-mail.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_FOLDER Object is a folder.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_FUNCTIONAL_OBJECT Object is a functional object, representing device functionality.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_GENERIC_FILE Object is a generic, physical file that does not fall into any of hte other predefined content types for files.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_IMAGE Object is a still image, such as a JPEG file.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_IMAGE_ALBUM Object is an image album.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_MEDIA_CAST Object is a media cast object. A media cast object can represent a container object that groups related content published online. For example, an RSS channel can be represented as a media cast object, and this object's WPD_OBJECT_REFERENCES property contains a list of object identifiers that represent each item in the channel.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_MEMO Object represents memo data, for example, a text note.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_MIXED_CONTENT_ALBUM Object is an album of mixed media objects—for example, audio, image, and video files.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_PLAYLIST Object is a playlist.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_PROGRAM Object represents a file that can be run, for example, a script or an executable.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_SECTION Object describes a section of data contained in another object. For example, a large audio file may best be described by a series of chapters. Each chapter could be a WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_SECTION object with its own chapter art, metadata, etc, and whose data is a subset of the large audio file (e.g. 1st chapter is the first 10 minutes, 2nd chapter is the next 20 minutes, and so on).
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_TASK Object is a task, such as an item in a to-do list.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_TELEVISION Object is a television recording.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED Object is a generic object that does not fall into the predefined WPD content types.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_VIDEO Object is a video, such as a WMV or AVI file.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_VIDEO_ALBUM Object is a video album.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_WIRELESS_PROFILE Object contains wireless network access information.
Device Object Not a PROPERTYKEY, but all objects must support the properties listed in this section.


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