File Source (Async) Filter

The Async File Source filter opens and reads local files of many different data formats and passes the data to a parser filter.

To download media files from the web through HTTP, use the File Source (URL) filter. To read ASF files, use the WM ASF Reader filter.

Filter Interfaces IBaseFilter, IFileSourceFilter
Input Pin Media TypesNot applicable
Input Pin InterfacesNot applicable
Output Pin Media TypesMEDIATYPE_Stream. The subtype depends on the media format. (MEDIASUBTYPE_NULL if the filter doesn't recognize the format.)
Output Pin Interfaces IAMAsyncReaderTimestampScaling, IAsyncReader, IPin
Filter CLSIDCLSID_AsyncReader
Property Page CLSIDNo property page
Filter Category CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory


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