Locating Non-Win32 PE Resources

To locate non-Win32 PE resources, your application should first call the GetFileMUIPath function to locate the language-specific resource file from which to load resources. If the application is following system language settings, it must call the function with MUI_LANGUAGE_NAME | MUI_USER_PREFERRED_UI_LANGUAGES specified for dwFlags and NULL specified for pwszLanguage. If the application is following application-specific language settings, it uses GetFileMUIPath to determine if a language-specific file exists by specifying the language in the pwszLanguage parameter.

After the call to GetFileMUIPath, the application must define custom functionality to load the resource module and load specific resources from it. For example, if you are using a .txt or .xml resource file, the application must use a TXT or XML parser to load the file and then parse the contents of the file for each required resource.

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