Slider Control (MSAA UI Element Reference)

Note  This topic describes Slider Control objects for purposes of MSAA UI Element Reference. How to create Slider Control objects in various UI frameworks is not described here. See the API reference documentation for the UI framework you're using.

A slider control, also called a trackbar control, lets a user select from a range of values by moving a slider. The volume controls in the Windows operating system are slider controls.

The window class name for a slider control is TRACKBAR_CLASS, which is defined as "msctls_trackbar" in Commctrl.h.

The contents of the IAccessible properties depend on whether the slider is vertical or horizontal and on which of the following parts of the slider control is queried by the client:

  • Slider window
  • Slider thumb
  • Shaded area above (or to
  • Shaded area below (or to the right of) the slider thumb

IAccessible Methods

A slider control supports the following IAccessible methods:

IAccessible Properties

A slider control supports the following IAccessible properties:

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