Analog Television

Analog television differs from other video capture scenarios in several ways:

  • The tuner card tunes to an analog signal, which is then digitized.
  • Audio is carried in the analog signal. How the audio reaches the sound card varies depending on the hardware.
  • The signal may contain additional data in the vertical blanking interval (VBI), such as closed captions (CC), World Standard Teletext (WST), and extended data services (XDS).

The following diagram shows a typical filter graph for television preview.

Analog Television Graph

  • The TV Tuner filter controls tuning.
  • The TV Audio filter controls the audio decoding.
  • If the tuner card has more than one physical input, the Analog Video Crossbar filter enables the application to select which input is decoded and rendered.
  • The WDM Video Capture filter delivers the digitized video stream.

The Capture Graph Builder automatically inserts any filters that are required upstream from the capture filter.

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