Identifies the UI_PKEY_ItemsSource property.

   name = UI_PKEY_ItemsSource
   shellPKey = UI_PKEY_ItemsSource
   formatID = 00000101-7363-696e-8441798acf5aebb7
   propID = 101
      type = IUICollection


UI_PKEY_ItemsSource is used by an application to query the collection of items in a gallery control, such as the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).

The property value is an IUICollection object.

Each item in this IUICollection must implement IUISimplePropertySet to expose the read-only properties associated with the item, such as the label or image.

To add or delete items in a gallery control at run time, use the IUICollection methods.

The following screen shot illustrates a collection of items in a SplitButtonGallery menu.

Screen shot showing categories in a Ribbon gallery.

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