IME Sentence Mode Values

These values are used with the ImmGetConversionStatus and ImmSetConversionStatus functions.

IME_SMODE_AUTOMATICThe IME carries out conversion processing in automatic mode.
IME_SMODE_NONENo information for sentence.
IME_SMODE_PHRASEPREDICTThe IME uses phrase information to predict the next character.
IME_SMODE_PLURALCLAUSEThe IME uses plural clause information to carry out conversion processing.
IME_SMODE_SINGLECONVERTThe IME carries out conversion processing in single-character mode.
IME_SMODE_CONVERSATIONThe IME uses conversation mode. This is useful for chat applications.


Bits 16 through 31 are reserved for IME use.