Date and Calendar

Each locale has a default calendar type (data type CALTYPE) associated with it. A locale can also have an alternate calendar type. For details of calendar types, see Calendar Type Information.

Note   To use an alternate calendar type for a locale, your application must set the LOCALE_IOPTIONALCALENDAR constant to the alternate calendar type for the locale.

Most locales use the standard Gregorian calendar and a set number of date formats. These default choices for date formats are available for display by using the EnumDateFormatsEx or EnumDateFormatsExEx function.

Some locales require special considerations when creating a complete list of format choices. Some of these locales require text strings to be inserted in the date format string, while others require a completely different method of computation of the values. An application addresses these special requirements by the addition of certain locale information types and calendar types.

For details about implementing dates and calendars in your applications, see Retrieving Time and Date Information.

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