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Enumerating Colors

You can determine how many colors a device supports and what those colors are by retrieving the count of colors for the device and enumerating the colors of the solid pens. To retrieve the number of colors, use the GetDeviceCaps function with the NUMCOLORS value. To enumerate solid pens, use the EnumObjects function and a corresponding callback function that receives information about each pen.

// GetTheColors - returns the count and color values of solid colors 
// Returns a pointer to the array containing colors 
// hdc - handle to device context 

COLORREF *GetTheColors(HDC hdc)
    int cColors;
    COLORREF *aColors;

    // Get the number of colors. 
    cColors = GetDeviceCaps(hdc, NUMCOLORS);

    // Allocate space for the array. 
    aColors = (COLORREF *)LocalAlloc(LPTR, sizeof(COLORREF) * 

    // Save the count of colors in first element. 
    aColors[0] = (LONG)cColors;

    // Enumerate all pens and save solid colors in the array. 
    EnumObjects(hdc, OBJ_PEN, (GOBJENUMPROC)MyEnumProc, (LONG)aColors);

    // Refresh the count of colors. 
    aColors[0] = (LONG)cColors;

    return aColors;

int MyEnumProc(LPVOID lp, LPBYTE lpb)
    LPLOGPEN lopn;
    COLORREF *aColors;
    int iColor;

    lopn = (LPLOGPEN)lp;
    aColors = (COLORREF *)lpb;

    if (lopn->lopnStyle==PS_SOLID) 
        // Check for too many colors. 
        if ((iColor = (int)aColors[0]) <= 0)
             return 0;
        aColors[iColor] = lopn->lopnColor;
    return 1;