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GetBoundsRect function

The GetBoundsRect function obtains the current accumulated bounding rectangle for a specified device context.

The system maintains an accumulated bounding rectangle for each application. An application can retrieve and set this rectangle.


UINT GetBoundsRect(
  _In_  HDC    hdc,
  _Out_ LPRECT lprcBounds,
  _In_  UINT   flags


hdc [in]

A handle to the device context whose bounding rectangle the function will return.

lprcBounds [out]

A pointer to the RECT structure that will receive the current bounding rectangle. The application's rectangle is returned in logical coordinates, and the bounding rectangle is returned in screen coordinates.

flags [in]

Specifies how the GetBoundsRect function will behave. This parameter can be the following value.


Clears the bounding rectangle after returning it. If this flag is not set, the bounding rectangle will not be cleared.


Return value

The return value specifies the state of the accumulated bounding rectangle; it can be one of the following values.

0An error occurred. The specified device context handle is invalid.
DCB_DISABLEBoundary accumulation is off.
DCB_ENABLEBoundary accumulation is on.
DCB_RESETThe bounding rectangle is empty.
DCB_SETThe bounding rectangle is not empty.



The DCB_SET value is a combination of the bit values DCB_ACCUMULATE and DCB_RESET. Applications that check the DCB_RESET bit to determine whether the bounding rectangle is empty must also check the DCB_ACCUMULATE bit. The bounding rectangle is empty only if the DCB_RESET bit is 1 and the DCB_ACCUMULATE bit is 0.


Minimum supported client

Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]


Wingdi.h (include Windows.h)





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