CIM_ConcreteComponent class

CIM_ConcreteComponent is a generic association used to establish 'part of' relationships between ManagedElements. It is defined as a concrete subclass of the abstract CIM_Component class, to be used in place of many specific subclasses of Component that add no semantics, that is subclasses that do not clarify the type of composition, update cardinalities, or add or remove qualifiers. Note that when you define additional semantics for Component, this class must not be subclassed. Specific semantics continue to be defined as subclasses of the abstract CIM_Component. ConcreteComponent is limited in its use as a concrete form of a general composition. It was deemed more prudent to create this concrete subclass than to change Component from an abstract to a concrete class. Industry usage and impact could not be anticipated.

Important  The DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force) CIM (Common Information Model) classes are the parent classes upon which WMI classes are built. WMI currently supports only the CIM 2.x version schemas.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and includes all of the inherited properties.


class CIM_ConcreteComponent : CIM_Component
  CIM_ManagedElement REF GroupComponent;
  CIM_ManagedElement REF PartComponent;


The CIM_ConcreteComponent class has these types of members:


The CIM_ConcreteComponent class has these properties.

Data type: CIM_ManagedElement
Access type: Read-only

The parent element in the association.

Data type: CIM_ManagedElement
Access type: Read-only

The child element in the association.