Driver Submission Details

Whether you click a submission ID in a list, search for it by using a results filter, or enter it in the Go to Submission ID box, you will open the Submission details page for that driver package.

The "Submission details" page

The Submission details page includes:

  • The submission ID.

  • The product name.

  • The hardware IDs of all the devices that use this driver package.

  • The date on which you want your driver package to be published on Windows® Update.

  • The current submission status.

From this page you can also do the following:

  • In the Actions box, you can specify whether to use standard or advanced distribution to distribute the driver by clicking Standard distribution or Advanced distribution (with targeting). For more information about distribution, see Submit Revised Drivers to Windows Update.

  • Also in the Actions box, you can click Download Driver to download the driver package for testing or confirmation.

  • Under Driver Publication Date, you can submit the driver for publication by a specified date. To do this, specify a date in the Publication date for this submission box, and then click Submit.


    Your driver isn't posted on Windows Update until this date has passed. Once this date has passed, you cannot change the date. However, you can still change the driver distribution settings.


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