Introduction to TopoEdit

In Media Foundation, media data is processed through the pipeline layer and the Media Session controls the data flow and provides playback controls. Data in each pipeline component—source, transform, and sink—is represented as a topology node. The topology object is a collection of topology nodes and represents the entire path of data flow through the Media Session pipeline.

For information about topologies, see About Topologies.

TopoEdit is a visual tool for building and testing topologies. With TopoEdit, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Build a topology by adding various topology nodes like source, transform, and output nodes.

  • Connect and resolve the topology.

  • Test the functionality of the topology through playback.

This section contains the following topics:

TopoEdit Modules Provides information about the TopoEdit executable and the additional DLLs required to run the tool.
TopoEdit Main Window Describes the elements in the application's main window.
TopoEdit Menus Describes the functionality of various menus items.
TopoEdit Toolbar Describes the functionality of various toolbar items.


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