dcl_globalFlags (sm4 - asm)

Declares shader global flags.

dcl_globalFlags flags



[in] A global shader flag. There is currently one flag defined.

  • REFACTORING_ALLOWED - Permits the driver to reorder arithmetic operations for optimization, as shown here.

    // Original code
    a = b*c + b*d + b*e + b*f
    // Reordered code
    a = b*(c + d + e + f)
    // or 
    a = dot4((b,b,b,b), (c,d,e,f))

Reordering arithmetic operations may generate different results.



This optional instruction applies to the following shader stages:

Vertex ShaderGeometry ShaderPixel Shader


This instruction is included to aid in debugging a shader in assembly; you cannot author a shader in assembly language using Shader Model 4.

Minimum Shader Model

This function is supported in the following shader models.

Shader ModelSupported
Shader Model 5 yes
Shader Model 4.1 yes
Shader Model 4 yes
Shader Model 3 (DirectX HLSL) no
Shader Model 2 (DirectX HLSL) no
Shader Model 1 (DirectX HLSL) no


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