SendScsiReportLuns function

SendScsiReportLuns function sends a SCSI REPORT LUNS command to a specified target.


HRESULT WINAPI SendScsiReportLuns(
  _In_    PISCSI_UNIQUE_SESSION_ID UniqueSessionId,
  _Out_   PUCHAR                   *ScsiStatus,
  _Inout_ PULONG                   *ResponseSize,
  _Out_   PUCHAR                   ResponseBuffer,
  _Inout_ PULONG                   *SenseSize,
  _Out_   PUCHAR                   SenseBuffer


UniqueSessionId [in]

A pointer to a ISCSI_UNIQUE_SESSION_ID structure that contains the session identifier for the login session of the target to query with the SCSI REPORT LUNS command.

ScsiStatus [out]

A pointer to the location that receives the execution status of the CDB.

ResponseSize [in, out]

A pointer to the location that, on input, specifies the byte-size of ResponseBuffer. On output, this location specifies the number of bytes required to contain the response data for the READ CAPACITY command in the ResponseBuffer.

ResponseBuffer [out]

The buffer that receives response data for the READ CAPACITY command.

SenseSize [in, out]

A pointer to a location that, on input, contains the byte-size of SenseBuffer. On output, the location pointed to receives the byte-size required for SenseBuffer to contain the sense data. This value will always be greater than or equal to 18 bytes.

SenseBuffer [out]

The buffer that receives the sense data.

Return value

Returns ERROR_SUCCESS if the operation succeeds and ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER if the buffer specified by ResponseBuffer is insufficient to hold the sense data.

If the device returns a SCSI error while processing the REPORT LUNS request, SendScsiReportLuns returns an error code of ISDSC_SCSI_REQUEST_FAILED, and the locations pointed to by ScsiStatus and SenseBuffer contain information detailing the SCSI error.

Otherwise, this function returns the appropriate Win32 or iSCSI error code on failure.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]







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