Specifies what control to use when simply displaying the property. There should be only one drawControl element for each displayInfo element.

If there are multiple elements, the last one is used. If no drawControl element is provided, then the default attribute settings are applied to the property description.

This form of the control does not allow for property editing.


<!-- drawControl -->
<xs:element name="drawControl"  minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
        <xs:attribute name="control">
                <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
                    <xs:enumeration value="Default"/>
                    <xs:enumeration value="MultiLineText"/>
                    <xs:enumeration value="MultiValueText"/>
                    <xs:enumeration value="PercentBar"/>
                    <xs:enumeration value="ProgressBar"/>
                    <xs:enumeration value="Rating"/>
                    <xs:enumeration value="StaticText"/>
                    <xs:enumeration value="IconList"/>
                    <xs:enumeration value="BooleanCheckMark"/>

Element Information

Parent ElementChild Elements
displayInfo None



controlPublic. Optional. Default is "Default". The following are valid values.
DefaultDefault. Uses the default control, based upon the <typeInfo type=""> attribute. The default type is "String" (multi-value) and the default control is "MultiValueText". Any other type results in using the "StaticText" control.
MultiLineTextUses the multi-line text control.
MultiValueTextUses the multi-value text control.
PercentBarUses the percent bar control.
ProgressBarUses the progress bar control.
RatingUses the 5-star rating control.
StaticTextUses IPropertyDescription::FormatForDisplay to display the property value.
IconListWindows 7 and later. An enumeration of icons.
BooleanCheckMarkWindows 7 and later.