Specifies a sort alias or list of sort aliases by specifying an element that contains a sort property or list of sort properties. There should be only one aliasInfo element for each propertyDescription element. For properties that set canGroupBy=true, unless a secondary sort property is specified (aliasInfo/@additionalSortByAliases=prop:example), the user may experience unexpected behavior when changing the sort order in a view that is grouped by the property. Specifically, the order of the groups will change, but the order of items within the groups will not.


<!-- aliasInfo -->
<xs:element name="aliasInfo">
        <xs:attribute name="sortByAlias" type="canonical-name"/>
        <xs:attribute name="additionalSortByAliases" type="proplist"/>

Element Information

Parent ElementChild Elements
propertyDescription None



sortByAliasPublic. Optional. The canonical name of the property that should be used to sort by. This string is of type canonical-type.
additionalSortByAliasesPublic. Optional. A semi-colon delimited list of additional properties to be used when sorting. The properties are applied to the sort in the sequence they are given.