MonthCal_GetMinReqRect macro

Retrieves the minimum size required to display a full month in a month calendar control. Size information is presented in the form of a RECT structure. You can use this macro or send the MCM_GETMINREQRECT message explicitly.


BOOL MonthCal_GetMinReqRect(
   HWND   hwndMC,
   LPRECT lpRectInfo



Type: HWND

Handle to a month calendar control.



Pointer to a RECT structure that will receive bounding rectangle information. This parameter must be a valid address and cannot be NULL.

Return value

Returns nonzero and MonthCal_GetMinReqRect receives the applicable bounding information if successful. Otherwise, the return is zero.


The minimum required window size for a month calendar control depends on the currently selected font, control styles, system metrics, and regional settings. When an application changes anything that affects the minimum window size, or processes a WM_SETTINGCHANGE message, it should call MonthCal_GetMinReqRect to determine the new minimum size.

Note  The rectangle returned by MonthCal_GetMinReqRect does not include the width of the "Today" string, if it is present. If the MCS_NOTODAY style is not set, your application should also retrieve the rectangle that defines the "Today" string width by calling the MonthCal_GetMaxTodayWidth macro. Use the larger of the two rectangles to ensure that the "Today" string is not clipped.

The top and left members of lpRectInfo will always be zero. The right and bottom members represent the minimum cx and cy required for the control.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]