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The GetDRMSecurityVersion method retrieves information about the DRM component running on the consumer's computer in the form a.b.c.d, where a.b is the release version, c is reserved, and d is the category.


bstrDRMSecurityVersion = GetLicense.GetDRMSecurityVersion


This method takes no parameters.

Return Values

This method returns a String containing a string identifying the version of the DRM component of the consumer's player. If it fails, it returns a number in the error object.


You can use this method to determine whether a player is individualized by using client-side scripting. For example, if you determine a player is not individualized, you can trigger individualization by embedding a player in a Web page that opens a dummy file that requires individualization.

The following table lists the possible values of the a.b portion of bstrDRMSecurityVersion.

Windows Media release Default security version (a.b) Individualized security version (a.b)
7.x 2.1 2.2
9 Series 2.3 2.2
10 (limited beta) 2.3 2.3
10 2.3 2.4
10.1.1 (Windows Media Center and Windows Vista Beta 1) 2.5 2.6
10.1.1 (Windows Vista and Windows Vista Beta 2) 2.5 2.7
10.1.2 2.5 2.7

For d, the category, an even value indicates a default, non-individualized component. An odd value indicates an individualized component. For example, a default installation of Windows Media Player 10 might return a value of An individualized version of Windows Media Player 9 Series might return

Notes   If a DRM component has been both individualized and upgraded, the security version may have a different value from the table above.

To set, require, and detect individualization versions greater than 2.10, you must use version 10.1.1 or later of the Windows Media Rights Manager SDK.

For the latest individualization version information, see the Microsoft Web site


Version: Windows Media Rights Manager 7 SDK or later

Reference: msnetobj 1.0 Type Library

Library: msnetobj.dll

Platform: Windows Server 2003

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