ALE Flow Customization

Network filtering at the Application Layer Enforcement (ALE) layers of the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) can be customized by adding filters with specific classify options.

Multicast/Broadcast Traffic

To block inbound traffic based on outbound multicast or broadcast states, add a filter that authorizes outbound multicast and broadcast traffic and that has the FWP_CLASSIFY_OPTION_MULTICAST_STATE option set to FWP_OPTION_VALUE_DENY_MULTICAST_STATE.

Remote Peers

To add response packets from different peers to the same ALE flow, add a filter that has the FWP_CLASSIFY_OPTION_LOOSE_SOURCE_MAPPING option set to FWP_OPTION_VALUE_ENABLE_LOOSE_SOURCE_MAPPING.

See Using Classify Options for code sample.

ALE Flow Lifetime

To modify the idle timeout values for an ALE flow, add a filter that has the FWP_CLASSIFY_OPTION_MCAST_BCAST_LIFETIME option and/or the FWP_CLASSIFY_OPTION_UNICAST_LIFETIME option set to the desired idle timeout value.

See Using Classify Options for a code sample.

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