Offline Files API Enumerations

The following enumerations are used with Offline Files.

OFFLINEFILES_CACHING_MODE Describes the caching mode used in methods such as IOfflineFilesCache::IsPathCacheable and IOfflineFilesShareInfo::GetShareCachingMode.
OFFLINEFILES_COMPARE Specifies the type of comparison to perform in the IOfflineFilesItemFilter::GetTimeFilter method.
OFFLINEFILES_CONNECT_STATE Describes the connection state of an item in the Offline Files cache.
OFFLINEFILES_EVENTS Event identifier codes describing events to be received or excluded by an event sink.
OFFLINEFILES_ITEM_COPY Specifies whether the local, remote, or original copy of an item is being queried.
OFFLINEFILES_ITEM_TIME Specifies which time value associated with the cache item is to be used.
OFFLINEFILES_ITEM_TYPE Identifies the type of an item in the Offline Files cache.
OFFLINEFILES_OFFLINE_REASON Indicates the reason why an item is offline.
OFFLINEFILES_OP_RESPONSE Specifies whether to continue, retry, or stop processing items.
OFFLINEFILES_PATHFILTER_MATCH Specifies how closely an event must match a filter.
OFFLINEFILES_SETTING_VALUE_TYPE Identifies the data type returned by the IOfflineFilesSetting::GetValueType method.
OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE Identifies the conflict resolution code returned by the IOfflineFilesSyncConflictHandler::ResolveConflict method.
OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_OPERATION Indicates the type of sync operation that was being performed when a sync error was encountered.
OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE Describes the state of an Offline Files item in conflict.