IOfflineFilesItemFilter::GetTimeFilter method

Provides time-value-comparison semantics to control filtering of items based on time.


HRESULT GetTimeFilter(
  [out] FILETIME               *pftTime,
  [out] BOOL                   *pbEvalTimeOfDay,
  [out] OFFLINEFILES_COMPARE   *pCompare


pftTime [out]

Receives a pointer to a FILETIME structure containing the UTC time value that the item is to be compared with.

pbEvalTimeOfDay [out]

Receives a Boolean value indicating whether the time-of-day part of the FILETIME value is to be considered in the item evaluation. If the flag value is TRUE, the time-of-day is considered. If the flag value is FALSE, the time-of-day information is stripped from all time values involved in the evaluation; leaving only the year, month, and day.

This can be very helpful when the granularity of filtering is a day.

pTimeType [out]

Receives an OFFLINEFILES_ITEM_TIME enumeration value that indicates which time value associated with the cache item is to be used in the evaluation.

Only one value is to be provided. This is not a mask.

pCompare [out]

Receives an OFFLINEFILES_COMPARE enumeration value that indicates the type of logical comparison to perform between the selected item time and the filter time pointed to by the pftTime parameter.

Return value

Returns S_OK if the filter supports time filtering and the time filtering information is provided.

Returns E_NOTIMPL if time filtering is not supported.

Any other error value causes the creation of the enumerator to fail.


In these expressions, the item time is placed on the left side of the expression. For example:

match = item_time >= filter_time

This method may be implemented in any filter type (inclusion, exclusion) or filter target (file, container).


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008





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