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Virtual Disk Service Common Return Codes

[Beginning with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, the Virtual Disk Service COM interface is superseded by the Windows Storage Management API.]

Error CodeValueDescription
VDS_E_NOT_SUPPORTED0x80042400LThe operation is not supported by the object.
VDS_E_INITIALIZED_FAILED0x80042401LVDS or the provider failed to initialize.
VDS_E_INITIALIZE_NOT_CALLED0x80042402LVDS did not call the hardware provider's initialization method.
VDS_E_ALREADY_REGISTERED0x80042403LThe provider is already registered.
VDS_E_ANOTHER_CALL_IN_PROGRESS0x80042404LA concurrent second call is made on an object before the first call is completed.
VDS_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND0x80042405LThe specified object was not found.
VDS_E_INVALID_SPACE0x80042406LThe specified space is neither free nor valid.
VDS_E_PARTITION_LIMIT_REACHED0x80042407LNo more partitions can be created on the specified disk.
VDS_E_PARTITION_NOT_EMPTY0x80042408LThe extended partition is not empty.
VDS_E_OPERATION_PENDING0x80042409LThe operation is still in progress.
VDS_E_OPERATION_DENIED0x8004240ALThe operation is not permitted on the specified disk, partition, or volume.
VDS_E_OBJECT_DELETED0x8004240BLThe object no longer exists.
VDS_E_CANCEL_TOO_LATE0x8004240CLThe operation can no longer be canceled.
VDS_E_OPERATION_CANCELED0x8004240DLThe operation has already been canceled.
VDS_E_CANNOT_EXTEND0x8004240ELThe file system does not support extending this volume.
VDS_E_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE0x8004240FLThere is not enough space to complete the operation.
VDS_E_NOT_ENOUGH_DRIVE0x80042410LThere are not enough free disk drives in the subsystem to complete the operation.
VDS_E_BAD_COOKIE0x80042411LThe cookie was not found.
VDS_E_NO_MEDIA0x80042412LThere is no removable media in the drive.
VDS_E_DEVICE_IN_USE0x80042413LThe device is currently in use.
VDS_E_INVALID_OPERATION0x80042415LThe specified operation is not valid.
VDS_E_PATH_NOT_FOUND0x80042416LThe specified path was not found.
VDS_E_DISK_NOT_INITIALIZED0x80042417LThe specified disk has not been initialized.
VDS_E_NOT_AN_UNALLOCATED_DISK0x80042418LThe specified disk is not an unallocated disk.
VDS_E_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR0x80042419LAn unrecoverable error occurred. The service must shut down.
VDS_S_DISK_PARTIALLY_CLEANED0x0004241ALThe clean operation was not a full clean or was canceled before it could be completed.
VDS_E_OBJECT_EXISTS0x8004241DLThe object already exists.
VDS_E_PROVIDER_CACHE_CORRUPT0x8004241FLThe cache for a provider is corrupt.
VDS_E_DMADMIN_METHOD_CALL_FAILED0x80042420LA method call to the Logical Disk Management Administrative service failed.
VDS_S_PROVIDER_ERROR_LOADING_CACHE0x00042421LThe provider encountered errors while loading the cache. For more information, see the Windows Event Log.
VDS_E_PROVIDER_VOL_DEVICE_NAME_NOT_FOUND0x80042422LThe device form of the volume pathname could not be retrieved.
VDS_E_DMADMIN_CORRUPT_NOTIFICATION0x80042424LA corrupt notification was sent from the Logical Disk Manager Administrative service.
VDS_E_INCOMPATIBLE_FILE_SYSTEM0x80042425LThe file system is incompatible with the specified operation.
VDS_E_INCOMPATIBLE_MEDIA0x80042426LThe media is incompatible with the specified operation.
VDS_E_ACCESS_DENIED0x80042427LAccess is denied. A VDS operation must run under the Backup Operator or Administrators group account.
VDS_E_MEDIA_WRITE_PROTECTED0x80042428LThe media is write-protected.
VDS_E_BAD_LABEL0x80042429LThe volume label is not valid.
VDS_E_CANT_QUICK_FORMAT0x8004242ALThe volume cannot be quick-formatted.
VDS_E_IO_ERROR0x8004242BLAn I/O error occurred during the operation.
VDS_E_VOLUME_TOO_SMALL0x8004242CLThe volume size is too small.
VDS_E_VOLUME_TOO_BIG0x8004242DLThe volume size is too large.
VDS_E_CLUSTER_SIZE_TOO_SMALL0x8004242ELThe cluster size is too small.
VDS_E_CLUSTER_SIZE_TOO_BIG0x8004242FLThe cluster size is too large.
VDS_E_CLUSTER_COUNT_BEYOND_32BITS0x80042430LThe number of clusters is too large to be represented as a 32-bit integer.
VDS_E_OBJECT_STATUS_FAILED0x80042431LThe device that the object represents has failed and is unable to perform the requested operation.
VDS_E_VOLUME_INCOMPLETE0x80042432LThe volume is incomplete.
VDS_E_EXTENT_SIZE_LESS_THAN_MIN0x80042433LThe specified extent size is too small.
VDS_S_UPDATE_BOOTFILE_FAILED0x00042434LThe operation was successful, but VDS failed to update the boot options in the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store or boot.ini file.
VDS_S_BOOT_PARTITION_NUMBER_CHANGE0x00042436LThe partition number of the boot partition changed as the result of the operation.
VDS_E_NO_FREE_SPACE0x80042437LThe specified disk does not have enough free space to complete the operation.
VDS_E_ACTIVE_PARTITION0x80042438LAn active partition was detected on the selected disk, and it is not the active partition that was used to boot the active operating system.
VDS_E_PARTITION_OF_UNKNOWN_TYPE0x80042439LThe partition information cannot be read.
VDS_E_LEGACY_VOLUME_FORMAT0x8004243ALA partition with an unknown type was detected on the specified disk.
VDS_E_NON_CONTIGUOUS_DATA_PARTITIONS0x8004243BLThe selected GPT disk contains two basic data partitions that are separated by an OEM partition.
VDS_E_MIGRATE_OPEN_VOLUME0x8004243CLA volume on the specified disk could not be opened.
VDS_E_VOLUME_NOT_ONLINE0x8004243DLThe volume is not online.
VDS_E_VOLUME_NOT_HEALTHY0x8004243ELThe volume is failing or has failed.
VDS_E_VOLUME_SPANS_DISKS0x8004243FLThe volume spans multiple disks.
VDS_E_REQUIRES_CONTIGUOUS_DISK_SPACE0x80042440LThe volume consists of multiple disk extents. The operation failed because it requires the volume to consist of a single disk extent.
VDS_E_BAD_PROVIDER_DATA0x80042441LA provider returned bad data.
VDS_E_PROVIDER_FAILURE0x80042442LA provider failed to complete an operation.
VDS_S_VOLUME_COMPRESS_FAILED0x00042443LThe file system was formatted successfully but could not be compressed.
VDS_E_PACK_OFFLINE0x80042444LThe pack is offline.
VDS_E_VOLUME_NOT_A_MIRROR0x80042445LThe volume is not a mirror.
VDS_E_NO_EXTENTS_FOR_VOLUME0x80042446LNo extents were found for the volume.
VDS_E_DISK_NOT_LOADED_TO_CACHE0x80042447LThe migrated disk failed to load to the cache.
VDS_E_INTERNAL_ERROR0x80042448LVDS encountered an internal error. For more information, see the Windows Event Log.
VDS_E_DISK_NOT_ONLINE0x8004244BLOne or more of the specified disks are not online.
VDS_E_DISK_IN_USE_BY_VOLUME0x8004244CLOne or more extents of the disk are already being used by the volume.
VDS_E_VOLUME_NOT_MOUNTED0x8004244FLThe volume is not mounted.
VDS_E_IMPORT_SET_INCOMPLETE0x80042451LAn attempt was made to import a subset of the disks in the foreign pack.
VDS_E_OBJECT_OUT_OF_SYNC0x80042453LThe reference to the object might be stale.
VDS_E_MISSING_DISK0x80042454LThe specified disk could not be found.
VDS_E_DISK_PNP_REG_CORRUPT0x80042455LThe provider's list of PnP registered disks has become corrupted.
VDS_E_LBN_REMAP_ENABLED_FLAG0x80042456LThe provider does not support the VDS_VF_LBN REMAP_ENABLED volume flag.
VDS_E_NO_DRIVELETTER_FLAG0x80042457LThe provider does not support the VDS_VF_NO DRIVELETTER volume flag.
VDS_E_REVERT_ON_CLOSE0x80042458LThe bRevertOnClose parameter can only be set to TRUE if the VDS_VF_HIDDEN or VDS_VF_READONLY volume flag is set in the ulFlags parameter. For more information, see IVdsVolume::SetFlags.
VDS_E_REVERT_ON_CLOSE_SET0x80042459LSome volume flags are already set. You must clear these flags first, then call IVdsVolume::SetFlags again, specifying TRUE for the bRevertOnClose parameter.
VDS_S_UNABLE_TO_GET_GPT_ATTRIBUTES0x0004245BLUnable to retrieve the GPT attributes for this volume, (hidden, read only and no drive letter).
VDS_E_VOLUME_TEMPORARILY_DISMOUNTED0x8004245CLThe volume is already dismounted temporarily.
VDS_E_VOLUME_PERMANENTLY_DISMOUNTED0x8004245DLThe volume is already offline. It cannot be dismounted temporarily until it becomes mountable.
VDS_E_VOLUME_HAS_PATH0x8004245ELThe volume cannot be taken offline because it still has an access path.
VDS_E_REPAIR_VOLUMESTATE0x80042460LThe volume plex cannot be repaired. The volume and plex must be online, and must not be healthy or rebuilding.
VDS_E_LDM_TIMEOUT0x80042461LThe operation timed out in the Logical Disk Manager Administrative service. Retry the operation.
VDS_E_REVERT_ON_CLOSE_MISMATCH0x80042462LThe flags to be cleared do not match the flags that were set previously when the IVdsVolume::SetFlags method was called with the bRevertOnClose parameter set to TRUE.
VDS_E_RETRY0x80042463LThe operation failed. Retry the operation.
VDS_E_ONLINE_PACK_EXISTS0x80042464LThe operation failed, because an online pack object already exists.
VDS_S_GPT_BOOT_MIRRORED_TO_MBR0x80042469LThe boot volume on a GPT disk has been mirrored to an MBR disk. The new plex cannot be used to boot the computer.
VDS_E_NO_VOLUME_LAYOUT0x80042502LThe volume's layout could not be retrieved.
VDS_E_CORRUPT_VOLUME_INFO0x80042503LThe volume's driver information is corrupted.
VDS_E_DRIVER_INTERNAL_ERROR0x80042505LAn internal error occurred in the volume management driver.
VDS_E_VOLUME_INVALID_NAME0x80042507LThe volume name is not valid.
VDS_E_CORRUPT_PARTITION_INFO0x80042509LThe disk's partition information is corrupted.
VDS_E_CORRUPT_EXTENT_INFO0x8004250BLThe disk's extent information is corrupted.
VDS_E_PROVIDER_EXITING0x80042514LThe provider is exiting.
VDS_E_EXTENT_EXCEEDS_DISK_FREE_SPACE0x80042515LThe specified disk extent size is larger than the amount of free disk space.
VDS_E_MEMBER_SIZE_INVALID0x80042516LThe specified plex member size is not valid.
VDS_S_NO_NOTIFICATION0x80042517LNo volume arrival notification was received. You may need to call IVdsService::Refresh.
VDS_E_INVALID_DISK0x80042519LThe specified disk is not valid.
VDS_E_INVALID_PACK0x8004251ALThe specified disk pack is not valid.
VDS_E_CANNOT_SHRINK0x8004251ELThe file system does not support shrinking this volume.
VDS_E_INVALID_PLEX_COUNT0x80042521LThe plex count for the volume must be greater than zero.
VDS_E_INVALID_MEMBER_COUNT0x80042522LThe member count for the volume must be greater than zero.
VDS_E_INVALID_PLEX_ORDER0x80042523LThe plex indexes must start at zero and increase monotonically.
VDS_E_INVALID_MEMBER_ORDER0x80042524LThe member indexes must start at zero and increase monotonically.
VDS_E_INVALID_STRIPE_SIZE0x80042525LThe stripe size in bytes must be a power of 2 for striped and RAID-5 volume types and must be zero for all other volume types.
VDS_E_INVALID_DISK_COUNT0x80042526LThe number of disks specified is not valid for this operation.
VDS_E_VOLUME_DISK_COUNT_MAX_EXCEEDED0x80042529LThe specified number of disks is too large. VDS imposes a 32-disk limit on spanned, striped, and striped with parity (RAID-5) volumes.
VDS_E_DISK_NOT_FOUND_IN_PACK0x8004252DLThe specified disks do not belong to the same pack.
VDS_E_ONE_EXTENT_PER_DISK0x80042531LA single disk cannot contribute to multiple members or multiple plexes of the same volume.
VDS_E_DISK_REMOVEABLE0x8004255ALThe operation is not supported on removable media.
VDS_E_INVALID_DRIVE_LETTER VDS0x8004255ELThe specified drive letter is not valid.
VDS_E_INVALID_DRIVE_LETTER_COUNT0x8004255FLThe specified number of drive letters to retrieve is not valid.
VDS_E_INVALID_FS_FLAG0x80042560LThe specified file system flag is not valid.
VDS_E_INVALID_FS_TYPE0x80042561LThe specified file system is not valid.
VDS_E_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE0x80042562LThe specified object type is not valid.
VDS_E_INVALID_PARTITION_TYPE0x80042565LThe specified partition type is not valid for this operation.
VDS_E_PARTITION_NOT_OEM0x8004256FLThe operation is not supported on non-OEM partitions.
VDS_E_PARTITION_STYLE_MISMATCH0x80042571LThe specified partition style is not the same as the disk's partition style.
VDS_E_SHRINK_SIZE_LESS_THAN_MIN0x80042573LThe specified shrink size is less than the minimum shrink size allowed.
VDS_E_SHRINK_SIZE_TOO_BIG0x80042574LThe specified shrink size is too large and will cause the volume to be smaller than the minimum volume size.
VDS_E_VOLUME_SIMPLE_SPANNED0x80042589LThe operation is only supported on simple or spanned volumes.
VDS_E_PARTITION_MSR0x8004258CLThe operation is not supported on MSR partitions.
VDS_E_PARTITION_LDM0x8004258DLThe operation is not supported on LDM partitions.
VDS_E_ALIGN_NOT_A_POWER_OF_TWO0x8004258FLThe alignment is not a power of two.
VDS_E_ALIGN_IS_ZERO0x80042590LThe alignment is zero.
VDS_E_CANT_INVALIDATE_FVE0x80042592LBitLocker encryption could not be disabled for the volume.
VDS_E_FS_NOT_DETERMINED0x80042593LThe default file system could not be determined.
VDS_E_FAILED_TO_ONLINE_DISK0x80042596LThe online operation failed.
VDS_E_FAILED_TO_OFFLINE_DISK0x80042597LThe offline operation failed.
VDS_S_NAME_TRUNCATED0x00042700LThe name was set successfully but had to be truncated.
VDS_E_NAME_NOT_UNIQUE0x80042701LThe specified name is not unique.
VDS_S_STATUSES_INCOMPLETELY_SET0x00042702LAt least one path's status was not successfully set due to a nonfatal error (for example, the status conflicts with the current load balance policy).
VDS_E_TARGET_SPECIFIC_NOT_SUPPORTED0x80042706LThe initiator service does not support setting target-specific shared secrets.
VDS_E_INITIATOR_SPECIFIC_NOT_SUPPORTED0x80042707LThe target does not support setting initiator-specific shared secrets.
VDS_E_ISCSI_LOGIN_FAILED0x80042708LAnother operation is in progress. This operation cannot proceed until the previous operations are complete.
VDS_E_ISCSI_LOGOUT_FAILED0x80042709LThe attempt to log out from the specified iSCSI session failed.
VDS_E_ISCSI_SESSION_NOT_FOUND0x8004270ALVDS could not find a session matching the specified iSCSI target.
VDS_E_ASSOCIATED_LUNS_EXIST0x8004270BLLUNs are associated with this target. All LUNs must be disassociated from this target before the target can be deleted.
VDS_E_ASSOCIATED_PORTALS_EXIST0x8004270CLPortals are associated with this portal group. All portals must be disassociated from this portal group before the portal group can be deleted.
VDS_E_NO_DISK_PATHNAME0x8004270FLThe disk's path could not be retrieved. Some operations on the disk may fail.
VDS_E_ISCSI_LOGOUT_INCOMPLETE0x80042710LAt least one iSCSI session logout operation did not complete successfully.
VDS_E_NO_VOLUME_PATHNAME0x80042711LThe path could not be retrieved for one or more volumes.
VDS_E_PROVIDER_CACHE_OUTOFSYNC0x80042712LThe provider's cache is not in sync with the driver cache.
VDS_E_NO_IMPORT_TARGET0x80042713LNo import target was set for the subsystem.
VDS_S_ALREADY_EXISTS0x00042714LThe object already exists.
VDS_S_PROPERTIES_INCOMPLETE0x00042715LSome but not all of the properties were successfully retrieved. Note that there are many possible reasons for failing to retrieve all properties, including device removal.
VDS_S_ISCSI_SESSION_NOT_FOUND_PERSISTENT_LOGIN_REMOVED0x00042800LVDS could not find any sessions matching the specified iSCSI target, but one or more persistent logins were found and removed.
VDS_S_ISCSI_PERSISTENT_LOGIN_MAY_NOT_BE_REMOVED0x00042801LIf a persistent login was set up for the target, it may not have been removed. Check the iSCSI Initiator Control Panel to remove it if necessary.
VDS_S_ISCSI_LOGIN_ALREAD_EXISTS0x00042802LThe attempt to log in to the iSCSI target failed because the session already exists.
VDS_E_UNABLE_TO_FIND_BOOT_DISK0x80042803LVolume disk extent information could not be retrieved for the boot volume.
VDS_E_INCORRECT_BOOT_VOLUME_EXTENT_INFO0x80042804LMore than two disk extents were reported for the boot volume. This is a system error.
VDS_E_GET_SAN_POLICY0x80042805LA driver error was reported when getting the SAN policy.
VDS_E_SET_SAN_POLICY0x80042806LA driver error was reported when setting the SAN policy.
VDS_E_BOOT_DISK0x80042807LDisk attributes cannot be changed on the boot disk.
VDS_S_DISK_MOUNT_FAILED0x00042808LOne or more of the volumes on the disk could not be mounted, possibly because it was already mounted.
VDS_S_DISK_DISMOUNT_FAILED0x00042809LOne or more of the volumes on the disk could not be dismounted, possibly because it was already dismounted.
VDS_E_DISK_IS_OFFLINE0x8004280ALThe operation cannot be performed on a disk that is offline.
VDS_E_DISK_IS_READ_ONLY0x8004280BLThe operation cannot be performed on a disk that is read only.
VDS_E_PAGEFILE_DISK0x8004280CLThe operation cannot be performed on a disk that contains a pagefile volume.
VDS_E_HIBERNATION_FILE_DISK0x8004280DLThe operation cannot be performed on a disk that contains a hibernation file volume.
VDS_E_CRASHDUMP_DISK0x8004280ELThe operation cannot be performed on a disk that contains a crashdump file volume.


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