Windows DVD Maker Project File Format

This section contains reference information for the Windows DVD Maker Project File Format. A project file is a simple XML-based file consisting of elements that describe the media content, title, menu style, button names, and other information about a Windows DVD Maker project.

The following XML code defines the elements that make up the project file format.

        <ContentFile Filename="c:\content\video1.avi"/>
        <ContentFile Filename="c:\content\video2.wmv"/>
        <ContentFile Filename="c:\content\sunset.jpg"/>
        <ContentFile Filename="c:\content\winter.jpg"/>
        <ContentFile Filename="c:\content\mysong.wma"/>
    <Font Name="" Color="0xFF00FF00" Bold="1" Italic="0"/>
    <Button Play="Play" Scenes="Scenes" Notes="Notes"/>
    <SlideShow Transition="Cross fade" PanZoom="0" MatchMusic="0" Length="75.000000"/>

The following table describes the elements in the project file format.

Element Description
Content Denotes the content block. Only ContentFile elements are allowed inside.
ContentFile A media file to add to DVD Maker. A file in the content block is treated exactly the same as if it were added through the Add Items dialog box. Video files are added to the main list, still images are added to a slide show folder, and audio is added to the slide show.
Title The title of the disc.
Drive The drive letter of the DVD burner to use.
Style The name of the style to use. If blank, the default style is used.
Font The name and color of the font, and whether it is bold or italic. For the color value, the first two characters must be "FF", and the values for the red, green, and blue components are defined by two character hexadecimal values. For example, "0xFF00FF00" is pure green, and "0xFF0000FF" is pure blue.
Button The names of the buttons used on the main DVD menu.
Notes The text that shows up on the notes page. The maximum number of characters supported is 256.
InsetVideo The setting of the Foreground video combo box on the Customize page.
BackgroundVideo The setting of the Background video combo box on the Customize page.
MenuAudio The setting of the Menu audio combo box on the Customize page.
SceneButtonName The name of the scene button style set on the Customize page.
SlideShow Attributes for slide show settings. Transition sets the name of the transition to use, Length is the amount of time each slide will be on the screen, and PanZoom and MatchMusic are used to set the following settings:
  • Use pan and zoom effects for pictures
  • Change slide show length to match music length

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