To Import Several Media Files into Windows DVD Maker at the Same Time

This option specifies an XML file that lists media files to be imported into Windows DVD Maker.


dvdmaker importfilelist.xml



Specifies the path of an XML file that lists video, image, and audio files to import into Windows DVD Maker. The structure of the XML file is specified in Remarks.


The XML file you specify on the command line must be structured as follows:

    <ContentFile Filename="C:\Users\johnevans\Pictures\ballard.jpg"/>
    <ContentFile DeleteOnClose="true" Filename="C:\Users\johnevans\Documents\shipcanal.wav"/>
    <ContentFile Filename="C:\Users\johnevans\Pictures\fremont.jpg"/>
    <ContentFile Filename="C:\Users\johnevans\Videos\u_district.wmv"/>
    <ContentFile DeleteOnClose="true" Filename="C:\Users\johnevans\Pictures\redmond.jpg"/>
  <Title>My Seattle Trip</Title>

The DeleteOnClose attribute specifies whether the file indicated by the Filename attribute will be deleted when Windows DVD Maker is closed.

The Title element specifies a title for the disc. The string between the start and end tags will populate the Disc Title field in Windows DVD Maker.

The DeleteOnClose element at the end is optional; when present, it indicates that the XML file will be deleted when Windows DVD Maker is closed.


dvdmaker seattletrip.xml


Client: Windows Vista

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