What's New in Windows Server 2003 SP1

New Features in Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1)

The following table lists the documentation for new WMI features in Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1).

64-bit data types in scriptsFor scripting languages, there are guidelines to follow when using WMI class property values that have uint64 or sint64 data types. For more information, see Scripting in WMI.
Accessing WMI data on 64-bit platforms and providing data to WMIScripts and applications that access Registry data through StdRegProv can request connection to 32- or 64-bit registry hives. For more information, see Getting and Providing Data on a 64-bit Computer.
Information about writing providersWMI makes data about Windows manageable objects available through WMI providers. For more information, see Providing Data to WMI.
Windows Firewall service changes for remote connections Windows Firewall service requires DCOM configuration changes for remote connections.
Access to WMI log folderNon-administrators do not have access to the WMI log folder. For more information, see WMI log folder access.
DownloadsUpdated information about the WMI CIM Studio tool.
Prevention of code execution on memory data pages Win32_OperatingSystem has three new properties to help prevent buffer overrun attacks by indicating whether code can execute on memory data pages. The properties are DataExecutionPrevention_32BitApplications, DataExecutionPrevention_Available, and DataExecutionPrevention_Drivers.
Namespaces can require encrypted connections

Provider writers can require clients to use encryption when connecting to a namespace. For more information, see Requiring an Encrypted Connection to a Namespace.

Client applications and scripts must set authentication appropriately. For more information, see Setting the Default Process Security Level Using VBScript or Setting Authentication Using C++.

New functionality for Win32_StartupCommand The UserSID property gives the SID of the user for whom the startup command runs, even if the User property is empty.
Querying with WQL The limit to the number of AND and OR keywords that can be used in WQL queries has been increased.
WMI C++ Application Examples New information about completing tasks in WMI using C++.


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