PFN_WdsTransportClientSessionComplete callback function

The PFN_WdsTransportClientSessionCompete callback is used by the client to indicate that no more callbacks will be sent to the consumer and that the session either completed successfully or encountered a non-recoverable error.


VOID CALLBACK PFN_WdsTransportClientSessionComplete(
  _In_ HANDLE hSessionKey,
  _In_ PVOID  pCallerData,
  _In_ DWORD  dwError


hSessionKey [in]

The handle belonging to the session that is being started.

pCallerData [in]

Pointer to the caller specific data for this session. This data was specified in the call to WdsTransportClientStartSession function.

dwError [in]

The overall status of the file transfer. If the session succeeded, this value will be set to ERROR_SUCCESS. If the session did not succeed, the error code for the session will be set.

Return value

This callback function does not return a value.


This will be the last callback a consumer receives. The consumer will always receive this callback, even if the session is canceled.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista with SP1 [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]





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