Device.DrawTrianglePatch Method ()

Draws a triangular patch using the currently set streams.

Overload List


For static patches, set the vertex shader and the appropriate streams, supply patch information in the param_TrianglePatchInformationR_triPatchInformation parameter, and specify a handle so that Microsoft Direct3D can capture and cache information. To efficiently draw the patch, call Device.DrawTrianglePatch with param_TrianglePatchInformationR_triPatchInformation set to null. When drawing a cached patch, the currently set streams are ignored. To override the cached param_SingleA_numSegs, specify a new value for param_SingleA_numSegs. When rendering a cached patch, set the same vertex shader that was set when it was captured.

Calling Device.DrawTrianglePatch with a handle invalidates the same handle cached by a previous Device.DrawRectanglePatch call.

For dynamic patches, the patch data changes for every rendering of the patch, so it is not efficient to cache information. The application can convey this to Direct3D by setting param_Int32_handle to 0. In this case, Direct3D draws the patch using the currently set streams and the param_SingleA_numSegs values, and does not cache any information. It is not valid to simultaneously set param_Int32_handle to 0 and param_TrianglePatchInformationR_triPatchInformation to null.

ArgumentExceptionLeave Site The param_SingleA_numSegs parameter must be an array of four segments.
InvalidCallException The method call is invalid. For example, a method's parameter might contain an invalid value.