Device.ColorFill Method ()

Allows an application to fill a rectangular area of a Default surface with a specified color.

Overload List


This method can be applied only to a render target, a render-target texture surface, or an off-screen plain surface with a pool type of Default.

Device.ColorFill works with all formats. However, when using a reference or a software device, the only formats supported are X1R5G5B5, A1R5G5B5, R5G6B5, X8R8G8B8, A8R8G8B8, YUY2, G8R8G8B8, UYVY, R8G8B8G8, R16F, G16R16F, A16B16G16R16F, R32F, G32R32F, and A32B32G32R32F.

InvalidCallException The method call is invalid. For example, a parameter might contain an invalid value.

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