WSUS Samples

WSUS includes the following samples that exercise the WSUS API. To download the package that contains the samples, see Update Services API Samples and Tools. For details on compiling the samples, see the Readme.htm file included in the package.

ADImporterPopulates target groups with computers from Active Directory. The sample connects to the default Active Directory domain controller and lists the organizational units and computers in the domain. It also lists the computer groups available on the Update Services server. Using this sample, you can select computers from Active Directory and "register" the selected computers with Update Services. Note that each computer registered must be configured to talk to the Update Services server independently of using this sample.
ApprovedUpdatesToXML Creates an XML file with a list of approved updates. The list includes details such as the groups for which the update is approved and the approval action.
CleanStaleComputersRemoves computers from the Update Services server that have not contacted the server in a specified number of days.
ComplianceReportCreates an HTML report that lists computers that do not have all the approved updates installed.
ComputersNeedingRebootCreates an HTML report that lists computers that have installed updates but still require the computer to be restarted before the update is complete.
ComputerStatusToXML Creates an XML file with a list of computers on the Update Services server and the status of updates approved for each computer.
Update Services Notifications A Windows Service that periodically sends e-mail notifications to selected users about synchronized updates and an update status summary.
UpdateStatusToCSV Creates a CSV file with a list of approved updates and a summary of the status of the updates on each computer.
UpdateStatusToXML Creates an XML file with a list of approved updates and their installation status on client computers. Each update section contains an overall summary for all computers, a summary per target group, and the status of the update on each computer within each target group.
UpdatesToXMLCreates an XML file with a list of updates and information about each update, including the update's identifier, title, description, and related Knowledge Base topics.