Title Bars: UI Text Guidelines 

All program windows, dialog boxes, wizards, and message boxes have title bars.

  • Use title caps.
  • Do not use ending punctuation.
  • Do not use the words warning, caution, or error in a message-box title bar. Instead, use the program name.
  • Title bars in dialog boxes and wizards should reflect the command that opened them. For example, if you click New and then click User to open a dialog box, the title bar of that dialog box should be New User.
  • Write title bar text according to the type of window, as shown in the following table.

    For this window Use this Example

    Dialog box

    Name of related command or slight modification

    Browse for Folder

    Document window

    Document title



    Name of program or document that generated message

    Microsoft Windows 2000

    Palette window

    Name of objects on palette


    Program window

    Product (or component) name*

    Microsoft Word

    Property sheet

    <feature or item name> Properties

    Recycle Bin Properties


    Toolbar name


    Web page

    Page title - <Browser Name>

    Web Directory - Microsoft Internet Explorer


    Full wizard name

    Maintenance Wizard

    * Microsoft products follow the product name with a hyphen and the name of the maximized document if only one document is visible.

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