texreg2gb - ps

Interprets the green and blue color components of the source register as texture address data to sample the texture at the stage corresponding to the destination register number.


texreg2gb dst, src



  • dst is the destination register.
  • src is a source register.


Pixel shader versions1_11_21_31_42_02_x2_sw3_03_sw


This instruction is useful for color-space remapping operations.

Here is an example of the sequence the instruction follows.

tex t(n)
texreg2gb t(m), t(n) where m > n
// The first instruction loads the texture color (RGBA)
// into register tn
tex tn
// The second instruction remaps the color
t(m)RGBA = TextureSample(stage m)RGBA using t(n)GB as coordinates

_bx2 cannot be used on the src register for texreg2ar - ps or texreg2gb instructions.

For this instruction, the source register must use unsigned data. Use of signed or mixed data in the source register will produce undefined results. For more information, see D3DFORMAT.

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